35 Reasons to Celebrate Relo’s Anniversary

35 Reasons to Celebrate Relo’s Anniversary

Since 1986, Relocation Strategies has been helping organizations relocate and reconfigure their workspaces. Over the years, we’ve evolved and now help companies reimagine their workplaces to fit the current needs of their staff with the help of our proprietary Workplace Productivity Analysis® and our team’s space planning and interior design expertise.  

This year, we’re celebrating 35 years in business! Help us celebrate this incredible milestone by learning more about our history and accomplishments:

35. Founded 35 years ago by David Bayse

Relocation Strategies would not be here without retired founder David Bayse. David’s relationship building skills and knowledge of the moving industry helped the company build an impressive client roster and expand into other areas of commercial real estate, including office furniture procurement. 

On November 1, 2007*, I purchased the company after being mentored under David for two years. I’m so incredibly grateful to David for his support. 

*According to Fast Company Magazine, this was the first reported day of the recession.

34. Our loyal clients and partners

Throughout the years, we’ve developed some amazing relationships with clients and partners. Each and every one of you have shaped Relo in interesting and unexpected ways.  

Thank you to our loyal clients and partners for their unwavering partnership. We appreciate you more than you know. 

33. Locally owned and operated

Since the company was founded, Relocation Strategies has been locally owned and operated. We’re a proud Hoosier company that helps other organizations in Indiana and across the country reimagine and relocate their businesses. 

32. Our office 

We practice what we preach! As a space planning and interior design company, it was important to us that our office reflected the needs and value of our organization. We love our engaging space located just off Binford. Check it out:

31. Our team and our fearless leader

We wouldn’t be what we are today without our people. Our staff has over 120 years of experience working within the design, furniture, and project management fields. Each and every one of our staff members are passionate about helping our clients navigate workplace transitions. Thank you for your dedication to our clients and their success!

30. Furniture + Vendor Management

When I joined Relo in 2004, I brought over 15 years of my expertise in furniture and vendor management to the business. As a natural extension of relocation, we were able to expand our offerings with this expertise and help our clients in new ways.

Relocation Strategies helps save time and money with furniture and vendor management. We are vendor-neutral when it comes to furniture procurement and pride ourselves as being a Net Zero cost to clients with the savings we provide. We also developed our proprietary I.D.E.A.™ software which helps document and manage inventory for moves or relocations.

29. Space Planning and Interior Design

Space planning and interior design is essential for employee engagement; we are passionate about helping organizations make workspace changes that meet the current and future needs of their staff. This includes determining square footage needs, reconfiguration of work stations, occupancy verification, renovation coordination, artwork coordination, and more.

28. MCM

Being newer to Indianapolis, MCM was looking for a new location and home that would reflect their brand and culture, as well as, be convenient and productive for clients and staff. We were thrilled to help them with space planning, design, and construction drawings to create their new space. See the full case study here.

27. IU Health

Over the years, we have worked on a lot of IU Health projects across multiple campuses and a total of 350,000 square feet. Leveraging our expertise with furniture inventory and optimization, move management, and space planning and interior design, Relocation Strategies successfully reimagined IU Health workplaces. Take a look at the case study.

26. Patent-Pending ReloShields

When the pandemic hit, no one knew how to safely bring people back to the office. As a way to help add an extra layer of protection, we developed ReloShields, affordable, recyclable, temporary, and easy to install workspace shields, to help keep employees and teams safe when returning to the office. Since March of 2020, many different organizations have purchased ReloShields, made locally, in bulk to help protect their staff. Check out all of our ReloShields here.

25. Monarch Distributing

When it was time to relocate 650 employees for Monarch Beverage, we had to determine new furniture needs, as well as, coordinate the move around the annual NASCAR Sprint Cup Points Race (one of Monarch’s busiest weekends). We worked together to phase the move over four weekends and inventory/assess all existing furniture for possible reuse. We were able to successfully move Monarch with minimal downtime and reuse 70% of their existing furniture, saving them time and money. See the full case study here.

24. Gilchrist & Soames

Gilchrist & Soames came to us needing the coordination of a lab move with production and filling lines and a warehouse move including over 7,000 skids and 3,000 critical skids. It required precise coordination of move phases that aligned with the production schedule.  

Working closely with their team, we completed the move in two phases that allowed Gilchrist to keep their production schedule. We also coordinated crews for lab tear-down, move, and reinstall. The project was a complete success! See the full case study here.

23. ICE Miller

When it was time to renovate a 25-year-old occupied space for Ice Miller, our focus was to minimize disruption, loss of productivity and lost income during renovation and shuffle. Together, we were able to move 500 when they reduced tower space from nine floors to seven floors, consolidated libraries and implemented record initiatives to reduce paper, and inventoried furniture assets and conditions. Not to mention discovering a $300,000 on previous furniture bids. See the full case study here.

22. Citizens Energy

We’ve worked with Citizens Energy Group over the past 10 years to move over 1000 staff. In 2011, we managed a rolling renovation with over 40+ phased weekends, determined temporary staging for departments during construction, and coordinated two different furniture vendors and labor crews for moves. Project management has been crucial in all projects. See the full case study here

21. IPL (AES)

Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL), an AES company, had employees occupying half of the circle building during a 10-floor renovation. IPL needed to coordinate 300 employee moves over three phases and move 10 floors of furniture prior to construction.  

To complete the project, we:

  • Worked with their team to inventory furniture and provide asset list to facilities
  • Coordinated and moved 150 employees to an offsite temporary space 
  • Moved all employees to the final destination of five floors
  • Cleared floors of furniture prior to construction which included coordination of a semi-trailer of donated items to Goodwill, two semi-trailers for reuse to Petersburg plant, and two straight trucks to Morris Street location
  • Property disposed of/recycled items unable to be reused 

See the full case study here. 

20. IBJ

When it was time to make a move, the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ) worked with Relocation Strategies to help plan their move into 15% less square footage to maximize their space, after completing our Workplace Productivity Analysis® to determine square footage needs and build workstations that are productive and engaging. 

Watch the testimonial from Kim Howell below to learn more about the project.

19. Raising Employee Engagement and Productivity

When working with any client, our goal is to design engaging and functional workspaces so organizations can increase employee engagement and productivity. After engaging with Relocation Strategies, the majority of our clients state their employee engagement and productivity increased by more than 25%.

18. Wilhelm Construction

Wilhelm Construction knew their current environment provided no room for growth and they needed a more collaborative environment to attract and retain a more diverse workforce. To meet their needs, Relocation Strategies performed a Workplace Productivity Analysis® to better understand how the space needed to function. We were able to reallocate space and furniture to create a more user-friendly environment to foster collaboration. We added two additional offices and 12 workstations while reusing 5-year-old cubicles to save $400,000 to purchase new ones. See the full case study here

17. Indianapolis Airport

After their existing building was sold, the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA) needed help with a large-scale, two-phase personnel move over a four-day weekend. Furniture and remaining assets had to be moved in four phases over the course of six months, along with being inventoried, palletized, relocated, and prepped for auction. Plus, security was top of mind for each piece of the process. 

Relo managed the relocation and ensured all vendors were following protocol, and we saved the IAA 50% on move services and 10% on furniture purchase due to product optimization. See the results in our case study.

16. Indianapolis Chamber

Relocation Strategies led the charge for reimagining the Indy Chamber’s 14-year-old workplace. We helped them create a collaborative, productive, and updated environment to meet and work. At the beginning of the project, the challenge was to keep staff productive during a four-phase renovation and create a budget for renovation while being mindful to reuse existing private office furniture. We inventoried all of the existing furniture with our proprietary I.D.E.A.® software to determine what needed to stay and what new furniture would blend well with the existing. Take a look at the result

15. Community involvement

Giving back to the community is incredibly important to Relocation Strategies. We’ve helped a variety of organizations like the Girl Scouts, Hard Hats for Hearts, Dress for Success, and more. See the full list here

14. Foster Success

Foster Success wanted to safely and cost-effectively bring their employees back to the office so they could continue providing critical services to foster care teens and young adults. We were thrilled to help provide them with custom #ReloShields that were sized specifically for their desks. Thanks so much to the United Way of Central Indiana for the introduction!

13. WBE Certified

We are proud to be WBE certified at the city, state, and national level. As a woman business owner, I am passionate about supporting other woman-owned businesses and frequently hire women-led businesses as partners or vendors.

12. Workplace Productivity Analysis ® 

Relocation Strategies uses our proprietary Workplace Productivity Analysis® to increase engagement and productivity. This survey gives employees a protected voice as we find and implement the right workspace changes for our clients. Not only does the entire staff complete our survey with custom-designed questions, but we also hold a series of one-on-one meetings with department heads and stakeholders to understand budgetary and logistical concerns. Our consultants and designers pair survey results, stakeholder information and extensive industry knowledge to make our recommendations. 

Our clients say this is one of the greatest tools in our toolbox, and we’ve administered it to over 5,000 employees and assisted 4 global firms since 2011 to increase employee engagement and productivity by 25%. 

11. Stanley Security

Due to reusing a majority of existing furniture, Stanley Security Solutions employee moves were dependent on the existing furniture being available. This was a logistics puzzle to plan each department to move together and minimize down-time. By the end of the project, we helped them save over a million dollars and integrated eight different furniture system styles from four different buildings into one new building. See what they had to say about the results.

 10. Saved Clients Millions of Dollars

Do you know when companies need to relocate their workforce in their same buildings or to new ones, that furniture has two impacts: cost and productivity?  We provide solutions that increase employee productivity by 25% and reduce furniture expenses through our proprietary methods. We helped Citizens Energy, Duke Realty, Community Justice Center, IU, IU Health, Purdue, the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Stanley Security and Wilhelm Construction save (collectively) over $25 million in furniture costs and increase productivity outcomes using our proprietary I.D.E.A.™ software. When the client wins, so do we. We always celebrate when we can save clients money, time and resources!

9. I.D.E.A.® Custom Inventory Software

Because of the immense savings, we are very proud of our proprietary I.D.E.A.® software (Inventory Database Equipment Access). Designed and is owned by Relo, I.D.E.A.® captures photos, quantities, sizes, and manufacturers for furniture, as well as, assigns a grade for the condition for suggested reuse (or not). Learn more about it here.

8. Pacers + Shiel Sexton

We recently completed our portion of the Gainbridge Fieldhouse renovation and expansion project. We were honored to work with an amazing group of organizations, including Charles C. Brandt Construction Co., Shiel Sexton, and ONSITE Woodwork Corporation, on this timely project. Everyone’s efforts helped reestablish our beloved Fieldhouse as a state-of-the-art center for downtown sports and entertainment.

Check out what Nate Moore, a team member from Shiel Sexton had to say.

7. Duke Realty

We saved Duke Realty Corporation over $400,000 by reusing 15% of their existing furniture, selling 100% of the unwanted furniture, and bidding their move. As the largest pure-play, domestic-only logistics REIT in the United States, Duke Realty wanted a partner who could help them with a seamless move, as well as, lookout for their best interests. We applaud their team for going above and beyond to provide a wonderful new environment for their associates. See what they had to say about the project.

6. Purdue

Purdue University needed to relocate their Animal and Life Sciences faculty and labs with research equipment in five phases over five weeks. While working with faculty and multiple vendors, we developed a schedule within each phase which allowed for more productivity and efficiency for the movers and lab personnel and completed the project before the spring semester began. Check out the full case study here. 

5. Criminal Justice Center

I remember when the Criminal Justice Center project was just a dream and a concept. Over eight years ago, I offered to walk all 25 floors of the city-county building to provide a complimentary assessment. Now, the massive criminal justice complex is set to open in December 2021. We’re grateful to be a part of this project, inventorying over 600,000 square feet with our I.D.E.A.® software to assist in the reuse of furniture and coordinate donated furniture from Faegre Baker and Ronald Blue Trust for a total savings of $1 million. Read the latest news on this project from the IndyStar.

4. Zotec 

Relocation Strategies is currently assisting Zotec with move management to their new facility on N. Meridian in Indianapolis. Stay tuned for more!

3. Move + Change Management

Change management is critical to relieving stress and anxiety for employees, and any physical transition a company undertakes can be filled with obstacles. The amount of decision-making and planning required can exponentially increase with more square feet and staff members. We can help ensure that your relocation is the most cost-efficient with as little downtime as possible, along with helping to reduce employee stress when the workplace changes. Here’s how.

2. First Internet Bank (Nov. – Dec. 2021)

First Internet Bank move into a gorgeous new facility in Fishers! We’ve been diligently working with their staff over the past six months to create both a move and a change management plan that kept staff on task and employee engagement and culture top of mind. 

See a behind the scenes video of the new headquarters here

1. Reimagining workplaces for over 35 years

At the heart of everything we do, we are passionate about helping our clients reimagine their workplaces to be engaging and productive. We’re proud to have served clients for over 35 years and are excited to help more in the future.  

Follow along with our celebration on LinkedIn via the hashtag #Relois35. Thanks for being a part of our celebration! 

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