I.D.E.A.® Furniture Inventory Management Software

We help our clients save money and grade furniture with our proprietary furniture inventory management software.

A Good I.D.E.A.® Can Save the Day

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Have you ever been in a position where your company’s lease is up, you have to move, but all of the furniture you have isn’t able to be reused or you’re getting new furniture and aren’t sure what to do with the old furniture? Are you stressed at the prospect of buying all new furniture because it’s expensive and you don’t know where to begin? You won’t believe how many times we get this call from companies and how excited we get when the call comes in.

That’s why we built I.D.E.A.®, a proprietary application design and owned by Relocation Strategies for the purpose of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE) inventory management. From desks, chairs and cubicles to markerboards, artwork, A/V and other miscellaneous items, we’ve leveraged this tool to inventory thousands of square feet FFE for our clients.

Collectively, we’ve helped our clients save over $3.5 million in furniture costs by using our proprietary I.D.E.A.® software.

Save Money with Relo’s I.D.E.A.®

I.D.E.A.® is a customizable software that can satisfy any project requirement. The software captures photos, quantities, sizes, manufacturer and assigns a grade for the condition if suggested to reuse or not. Using this proprietary software, we take an inventory of existing furniture, determine the best way to use that inventory based on our findings and develop a tailored strategy and solution to implement the best place for your workplace.

Empowers Companies to Help Each Other

This platform has literally saved our clients millions of dollars for clients who were moving, upsizing or downsizing. Instead of having to purchase all new furniture and dispose of past furniture in a non-environmentally-friendly way, I.D.E.A.® is an opportunity for companies to help each other.

We Don’t Sell Furniture—Here’s Why

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We don’t sell furniture because it conflicts with our mission to be an advocate for the client and help them find the best solutions. We reimagine spaces so they can be productive, effective, and engaging. The future of the workplace is changing and will need to be reimagined. We’re here to help you find the best workplace solutions for your business.

Save Money with Relo

Looking to inventory your existing FFE to see what can and can’t be reused? Relo can help. Work with us to receive a tailored strategy and solution.