Our Proven Process for Success

Whether you want to optimize the space you’re in, relocate or launch a new space, Relo is a full service workplace solutions company known for our proven process of helping organizations increase productivity and engagement by 25%.

Clients say, the best impact on staff and overall well-being is an update to the workplace. Relo helps you rethink, renovate or refresh your space to meet the needs of your team using our proprietary Workplace Productivity Analysis®

When you engage with Relo, we will minimize disruption and loss of productivity so your entire staff can remain focused on success throughout the transition. As the workplace solution experts, we have a defined process for everything from interior design to existing or new furniture planning to change and move management.

Process for Interior Design/Furniture/Change/Move Management

Interior Design

(12-14 Months Prior)

  • Workplace Productivity Analysis®
  • Space Planning
  • Finishes Presentation
  • Budget Discussions
  • Coordinate with Architect on Construction Drawings & MEP
  • File Permits
  • Obtain Construction Costs

Exisiting FFE Planning

(10-12 Months Prior)

  • Inventory Furniture (record location, product type, size, finish, and manufacturer for each furniture item)
  • Create a budget for new furniture

New FFE | Specification/Bid/Procurement

(8-12 Months Prior)

  • Consult with the Owner, attend project meetings, communicate with team and issue progress reports
  • Prepare a schedule with critical dates
  • Develop data/electrical requirements, related to furniture
  • Create specifications and assist owner with bid process
  • Coordinate finish selections with the design
  • Review final furniture order
  • Manage the delivery and installation of the new furniture
  • Provide on-site representation for each delivery
  • Complete punch walk through

Change Management

(7-9 Months Prior)

  • Develop key communication for a successful move
  • Deliver high morale, productivity and employee engagement throughout the change process
  • Develop a milestone plan to prepare staff for all changes
  • Provide deliverables (communication plan, workplace guidelines, education/training plan, workplace etiquette plan)

Move Management

(6-8 Months Prior)

  • Develop a master move from/to spreadsheet
  • Communicate with building management to follow regulations
  • Create a move schedule and RFP for move services
  • Instruct staff how to label the existing furniture and equipment to move to the new location (detailed move instructions will be issued)
  • Owner will label all furniture, storage pieces, appliances and office equipment for the move
  • Provide and hang room numbers and plans at destination
  • Assist with any claims

Increase Employee Engagement by 25%

Everyone works differently and your workplace matters! Reimagine your workplace into a flexible, engaging work environment that suits the needs of all of your employees.