Top 4 Commercial Interior Design Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

If your workspace is dated and not productive, it’s probably time for a refresh. Contrary to popular belief, change can be a great thing and has the power to completely shift the attitudes of those in your space.

Whether you’re preparing for relocation, expanding your operations or simply craving some change to break up the mundane, consider these 4 commercial interior design trends to attract your clients, customers and employees into your space.

Resimercial Design

Resimercial design gives you the best of both worlds. Essentially, resmercial design mixes contemporary aspects of residential design in commercial settings. Far too often, commercial spaces play it safe when it comes to design, leaving employees and their customers in a lackluster, non-stimulating environment. With all the advancements in technology and design, people expect to be excited with your space upon first impression. 

Resimercial design incorporates the natural comforts of the home into the office—which includes privacy, soft or natural lighting, flexible spaces and an overall inviting ambiance. This element of design gives your space that “wow” factor first impression and draws guests in. 

Versatile Layouts and Furnishings

With the rise of hybrid work environments, your employees value versatile workspaces that can adjust to their needs. For instance, some employees may choose to go into the office daily while others drop in occasionally. Ensuring that there are reservable office spaces available minimizes the anxiety of finding a space to claim for the day or week and promotes a more organized work environment. 

Versatility can also be implemented into how you furnish your commercial space. Consider designs that maximum comfort and inclusion—like furniture that moves with you to open up your desk to collaboration or close off corners to provide a barrier of privacy. As for versatile decor, consider functional pieces that also serve as artwork—like wall-mounted shelving units, artistic light fixtures or acoustical art for sound absorption. Functionality and visual appeal make the dynamic duo of design. 

Sustainability and Accents of Biophilic Design

As you can imagine, it’s not the most natural for humans to spend 8+ hours a day inside working. Just like plants, sunlight is necessary for people to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally. If you plan to relocate workspaces soon, take natural sunlight into account when searching for a new space because it is known to increase concentration and productivity. For those who already have existing workspaces, swapping out fluorescent lighting for softer warm-tone lighting will provide a more natural feel to your space—and save people from the headaches of bright light exposure!

Above all else, biophilic design is something that will never go out of style. Incorporating plants and natural elements into your workspace gives an instant sense of comfort to employees and visitors alike. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can opt for low-maintenance plants for beginners or living walls of plants—either live or faux. 

There is also a growing focus on pieces made from wood, wool, stone and ceramics. Natural materials add a grounding human element to our environment, encouraging anyone who enters the space to feel a sense of ease and happiness. Upcycled furniture is another great alternative to refreshing your space. Updating older pieces of furniture into new pieces gives a new sense of life to it—you’d be surprised by the power of a fresh coat of paint and new hardware! Leaning into sustainability not only helps preserve our earth but saves you money and resources, too; it’s a win-win.

Looking at Interior Design Colors

Color Blocking 

According to color theory, color holds a lot of power in design and can deeply impact your mood and energy levels. For those wanting to make a statement in their workspace, color blocking is the way to go. 

Color blocking is a bold method of design that highlights pops of color as the main focal point of a space. The beauty of color blocking is that you can occasionally switch out different accent colors in a space with a neutral canvas. A general guide to color theory suggests that warm tones radiate a more cozy or energetic feel (depending on the tones), while cooler colors give off a calming, soothing, natural effect. 

Reimagine Your Workspace with Relocation Strategies

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