6 Things Your Workplace is Missing

6 Things Your Workplace is Missing

Returning to the office looks different for everyone. Some companies are asking their employees to go back full time, while others enjoy a hybrid schedule. No matter the case for your organization, it’s paramount to take a look at what your team members need to be successful when working in the office. 

At Relocation Strategies, we specialize in improving workplaces and creating spaces employees want to work in. As you plan for a return to the office, make sure your workplace isn’t missing these six things.

Collaborative Areas

Collaboration is crucial to any business operation. Whether it’s to spread new, innovative ideas or simply to create more engagement among your employees, fostering a collaborative environment is always a good idea. 

Consider working collaborative areas into your office layout. These spaces will help to promote conversations among colleagues, build rapport and perhaps be the beginning of a new process or product.

Reservable Spaces

One of the main takeaways from the Commercial Real Estate conference was the rise of flexible workspaces. Work is no longer a fixed time and place, but rather something that can happen anywhere. COVID-19 only bolstered this idea as it forced us to switch to work-from-home and hybrid models. 

As you design a hybrid workspace, be sure to plan for reservable spaces for employees who may not be in the office every day. Also known as “hotel offices,” these spaces provide a productive place to work for whichever team members happen to come in on a particular day. This means you won’t need a large amount of square footage and lots of permanent desks for employees who rarely stop by the office.


Ever since Google opened the floodgates in 2005, the open-concept office space has dominated workplaces across the country. However, evidence is mounting that open office spaces are on their way out. Some studies suggest that open workspaces were a thing of the past before the pandemic, but concerns about disease have become just another reason to invest in private workspaces. 

We recommend offering your employees privacy as they go about their workday. Studies are now showing teams are more productive when they aren’t asked to work out in the open. Beyond that, private work spaces foster a safer work environment for women and other people who may not feel comfortable always being in someone’s view. One way to easily incorporate more privacy into your office is to install phone booths. These areas are perfect for hopping on a Zoom or taking an important phone call.

Sound Masking

Collaborative office spaces come with their fair share of noise. But for most people, that noise isn’t conducive to a productive workday. If chatter is becoming an issue, consider adding sound masking to your office space. This technique introduces ambient noise into a room to help mask any bothersome noises. Sound masking works well for offices that rely on Zoom calls or frequent out-loud conversations.

Stand-Out Amenities 

Make your office space stand out with specialty amenities. If you have the room for it, we often suggest adding break rooms, coffee bars and quiet areas for your employees to enjoy. Outdoor space is another great way to stand out among other employers. Add a grilling station, cornhole area and lounge space in the shade. Investing in these features can go a long way to creating a positive company culture and enhancing feelings of relaxation and calm—which will be vital to thriving in the hybrid future of the workplace.

Create the Workplace of the Future with Relocation Strategies

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