Rethink. Renovate. Refresh.

Relo is a workplace solutions provider that helps businesses reimagine their workplace based on the needs of their workforce to help attract and retain staff.

Providing Workplace Solutions
in Indiana for Over 35 Years

For over 35 years, we’ve helped organizations increase employee engagement and productivity by rethinking workplaces to meet the needs of staff. From helping determine your square footage to space planning and interior design, Relo is a full-service provider that will guide your workplace design journey while keeping your project on time, on budget and align with company values.


It’s time to rethink the traditional workplace. We can help create a beautiful, productive workplace that will attract and retain staff based on your needs acquired through our proprietary Workplace Productivity Analysis®.


For more than 35 years, we’ve been the go-to provider to execute renovations and relocations in the commercial real estate industry. Let us help you relocate, renovate or reconfigure seamlessly so you can focus on your business.


Our team of interior designers and space planners know how to transform a workplace into something functional and aesthetically pleasing. Work with us to receive a customized space design based on your needs.

Our Workplace Services

Whether you want to optimize the space you’re in, relocate to a new environment, or launch a new space, Relo is a full-service workplace solutions company known for our proven process of helping businesses increase productivity and engagement by 25%.

Interior of an office space.

Space Planning, Interior Design + Architecture

Once you know the needs of your staff, you can make workplace changes effectively knowing what they need to be productive. Space planning and interior design with Relo helps you make the best use of your space. 

Relo Design, a division of Relocation Strategies, designs aesthetically engaging interior environments which promote productivity and employee engagement. With our services, you’ll know exactly what your staff needs to be productive with our Workplace Productivity Analysis®, learn the optimal square footage for your business and receive a customized space plan based on your needs.

Project Management

As a full-service workplace solutions company, we can help you completely manage your renovation, relocation or reconfiguration. We know how to plan a smooth transition by coordinating all the moving pieces with excellent communication skills and a proven process.

Melissa going over Project Management plans.
Melissa discussing furniture and vendor management.

Furniture + Vendor Management

Relo can save you time and money by designing, specifying, bidding, inventorying/grading and procuring furniture. We are experts at blending new furniture with existing, as well as, locating gently used furniture. We are vendor neutral, coordinating all aspects of your furniture to assure a successful, timely and cost-efficient result. We pride ourselves by being a Net Zero cost to clients with the savings we provide. We also keep staff informed and engaged, resulting in minimal downtime to maintain productivity.

Move + Change Management

Any physical transition a company undertakes can be filled with obstacles. The amount of decision-making and planning required can exponentially increase with more square feet and staff members. We ensure that your relocation is the most cost-efficient with as little downtime as possible and staff are always informed of all steps involved. We advocate for the owner to create and administer RFPs and manage all the steps.

Move Change Management.

Proven Track Record of Success

Our work speaks for itself. Browse our success stories and learn more about how we’ve transformed work environments.

Increase Employee Engagement by 25%

Everyone works differently and your workplace matters! Reimagine your workplace into a flexible, engaging work environment that suits the needs of all of your employees.