How to Cut Costs on Office Redesign

How to Cut Costs on Office Redesign

An office redesign may sound like a costly project, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. In truth, preparation is key when it comes to interior design—allowing your team enough time to make arrangements for the changes you’re going to implement to avoid excessive downtime. 

Let’s discuss how to cut costs on an office redesign in three simple steps: Rethink, Renovate and Refresh.

Rethink with the Workplace Productivity Analysis®

Before you can even get started on an office redesign, you need to get clear on your priorities and goals for the space. For instance, ask yourself, “How do you want people to feel when they enter the space? What space planning methods are most effective? What needs to change about the current office design?” Everyone’s vision may vary, but practically every office will share the goal of increasing employee engagement or productivity. That’s where Relocation Strategies’ proprietary Workplace Productivity Analysis® saves the day.

The Workplace Productivity Analysis® is a survey that gives employees a protected voice as we find and implement the right workspace changes for our clients. Not only will the entire staff complete the survey with questions that are custom to the client’s needs, but we also hold a series of one-on-one meetings with the client’s department heads and stakeholders to note budgetary and logistical concerns. Once the survey is complete, Relocation Strategies’ consultants and designers combine the survey results, stakeholder information and extensive industry knowledge to make appropriate recommendations.

The beauty of the Workplace Productivity Analysis® is that it balances employee needs and shareholder concerns to create the optimal solution for your workspace. When staff is able to work in an environment that is conducive to productivity, they can be more efficient with their time.

Renovate: Furniture and Vendor Management, Space Planning & Walkthroughs 

There are so many moving parts to interior design, especially when you are redesigning an office space and must work with what you currently have. Let’s break down how Relo Design, a division of Relocation Strategies, approaches the re-design and renovation process.

You can’t make workspace changes effectively without knowing what your team needs. Once your staff’s needs have been identified, we will begin space planning and assess the optimal square footage for your business. From there, you will receive a customized space design based on your needs and best practices.

Relocation Strategies also manages furniture and vendor management to help clients save time and money. We are vendor-neutral, coordinating all aspects of your company’s project with our proven process to assure a successful, timely and cost-efficient result. We are proud to be a Net Zero cost to clients with the savings we provide them, in addition to keeping the staff informed and engaged which results in minimal downtime and increased productivity.

Relocation Strategies is full of good ideas, especially when it comes to furniture, fixtures and equipment (FFE) inventory and management. In fact, I.D.E.A.® is a proprietary application designed and owned by Relocation Strategies, customizable to satisfy any project requirement. The design of our  I.D.E.A.® software captures photos, quantities, sizes, manufacturers and assigns a grade for the condition if suggested to reuse or not. Multiple Inventories can be recorded simultaneously and combined into one database for sorting purposes for disposition and creating budgets for new furniture needed.

After FFE recommendations have been made, the Relo team will deliver 3D renderings and walkthroughs so the client can gauge a realistic, to-scale depiction of the final reveal.

Relo Design LogoRefresh Your Finish Selection

Sometimes, it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what your space needs to not feel so lackluster. With help from Relo Design, you can refresh your space with interior design experts! When you find the right combination of engaging colors and textures, you can really give the space a new life.

Hire Relo and Save the Difference

For over 35 years, Relocation Strategies has been designing aesthetically desirable interior environments that promote productivity and employee engagement. We are a full-service Interior Design firm that will guide you on your square footage needs in this hybrid world. Our team’s objective is to keep each project on time and on budget while helping you represent your company’s values and goals. 

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