Any physical transition a company undertakes can be filled with obstacles. For more than 30 years Relocation Strategies has been the go-to provider for facility move management. We are well respected for our services and have worked with every major commercial real estate brokerage firm in Indianapolis. We are experienced in corporate, medical, industrial and educational relocations.

The best way to ensure that your relocation is the most cost efficient with little downtime is engaging Relocation Strategies as early in the process as possible. The amount of decision making and planning required can exponentially increase with more square feet and staff members. Planning and executing a commercial relocation is what we do best! For example, Baldwin and Lyons’ 380+ person, 130,000 square foot move with a two-week timeline was a relocation of epic proportions. In addition to meeting their minimal downtime requirements, we also reused much of their office furniture which saved thousands of dollars. We more than made up for the cost of our services with the savings we provided.

Baldwin & Lyons Relocation

  • Bid furniture and moving vendors
  • Planned detailed schedule with multi-phase move with minimal downtime
  • Met two week time frame with 380+ employees & mail center
  • Met Timeline
  • Saved thousands of dollars on furniture

Baldwin & Lyons

“Relocation Strategies planned the move of over 350 staff over a period of 12 days to create minimal downtime for Baldwin & Lyons. Relocation Strategies designed, specified and bid out all our new furniture to obtain competitive prices. Their approach minimized the need for us to purchase new private office furniture. We were able to utilize 100% of our existing private office furniture in our new building.”

-IT Operations

Baldwin & Lyons is a perfect example of the value we bring to a relocation. Be sure to see our case studies page for more examples, including industrial, educational, and medical relocations as well as other corporate relocations. Everyone at Relocation Strategies is ready for your Relocation, Renovation, or Reconfiguration to be a resounding success.

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