Your Workspace Needs to be Reimagined…

Survey Says…

Actionable Data for a Successful Return to Work in the “New” Normal

Please Note: This data was distributed on June 25, 2020. 

Did you know that 51% of knowledge industry corporations have not announced a return to work plan according to a national SHRM survey.

Over half of people surveyed by Relocation Strategies stated their office space may need to be reimagined and or reorganized moving forward, 35% are not sure what that change will look like.

While 29% of respondents would like to work from home all the time, companies’ policies on remote work have varied in the past. The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations  to implement working from home to keep their staff, clients and others safe. The reopening of the economy  has left many to cope with the new normal, and businesses  are not sure what the future of the modern workplace looks like. Relocation Strategies conducted a survey to better understand how employees and company leaders alike feel about their preferences of when and where to work productively, efficiently and safely as they navigate working from home and workplace.

So what does this mean? 

One option is simply to downsize and continue offering remote work to your staff, allowing employees to work remotely for 50% or more of the week. With downsizing comes “re-imagining your workplace”, which is no small feat. According to 77% of respondents, productivity while working from home has either stayed the same or increased. With numbers like these, it’s hard to disagree with relocating to a smaller office and reimagining that space

With 43% of respondents preferring to work from home three days a week, permanent remote work policies could be in organizations’ future plans. “It’s imperative that company leaders obtain data and input from their employees moving forward. Those who learn how to adapt and lead, win,” says Melissa St. John, CEO of Relocation Strategies.

“Business leaders are uncertain about their options”, continues St. John. “Companies are bringing their employees back slowly and strategically. The future is all over the board with different businesses and employees with varied situations.”

It is clear to the professionals at Relocation Strategies: successful plans need to incorporate what employees want and need out of their post-pandemic workspace. That’s where we step in.

Whether you need to expand your space to create physical distance between employees or shrink the space because some employees will be working from home, our work begins with our Workplace Productivity Analysis®. This analysis helps leaders fully understand the advantages and benefits of productivity in the workplace, as it relates to the reimagined workspace and their employees.

Relocation Strategies has over 30 years of experience helping businesses adapt, grow, and thrive. Let us help you reimagine your workspace, as well as, understand the extent of change needed to reduce costs, increase engagement, and continue to a path of business growth.

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