Relo Saved Duke Realty Over $400,000

Relo Saved Duke Realty Over $400,000

When relocating, renovating, or reconfiguring, saving money and resources are so very essential. Hear how we saved Duke Realty over $400,000 below from Mark (Spanky) Van Horn, VP of Administrative Services:

“Duke Realty is the largest pure-play, domestic only, logistics REIT in the United States. With properties in 20 major logistics markets across the United States—when the new corporate headquarters location was selected, talks with Relocation Strategies began. The majority of existing furniture in 86,671 square feet was not planned to be utilized. Relocation Strategies created a plan of action to save Duke Realty over $400,000 with plans for reusing 15% of the existing furniture, selling 100% of the unwanted furniture and bidding the move. The team was on-point and everything went seamless in the move of almost 200 associates. The project was a huge success and I would highly recommend Relocation Strategies for any upcoming projects.”

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. Our CEO Melissa St. John had nothing but great things to say:

“Duke Realty’s team was top-notch. We applaud their team for going above and beyond to provide a wonderful new environment for their associates. We wish them the best in their new space.”

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