Will your office space need to change after COVID-19?

Will your office space need to change after COVID-19?

Are you going to be faced with cost-cutting measures? Will you need less space to reduce rent or will you need to reconfigure to ensure the maximum productivity? Will you want to adjust work spaces to ensure physical distancing, or higher cubicle panels?

One thing you can count on is CHANGE. Office spaces contract and expand all the time, but will the solution be more productive and enhance employee engagement? What are the changes you will need to take to help keep your business thriving? Relocation Strategies can help adjust your work environment to increase productivity and minimize costs as you begin to move forward.

Furniture has two major impacts: cost and productivity. We can help with options to find the best solutions for your company. If paring down your office space is a necessity, we can help remove and sell your unnecessary office furniture and equipment.

Relocation Strategies can help you address new challenges you will face with solutions which can increase employee productivity by 25% and reduce furniture expenses through our proprietary Workplace Productivity Analysis® and I.D.E.A.™ software. We’ve saved our clients over $3.5 million in furniture costs, all while increasing productivity outcomes. Recently we helped Citizens Energy, Duke Realty, the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Stanley Security, and Wilhelm Construction to find working solutions to fit their needs and save money. Our solutions increase employee productivity and engagement.

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