Obtain Employee Feedback about Workspace to Maximize Profit

Obtain Employee Feedback about Workspace to Maximize Profit

Every business owner or leader strives to create a successful workplace—where clients are satisfied, productivity is high, and employees are engaged. 

But what exactly is the secret formula to a successful workspace? The reality of the situation is that there isn’t one effective plan that will accommodate everyone. However, there are some tools you can leverage to reimagine your workspace to boost employee retention and maximize profitability. In short, the most underrated tool to manage change in the workplace is employee feedback. 

Maximize Profitability 

Did you know that according to Forbes, companies with highly engaged employees are 21% more profitable? Along with that, companies with highly engaged employees were also 17% more productive. In contrast, disengaged employees have a 15% lower profitability for a company. So, instead of assuming what your employees want and need, it’s best to just ask them directly in the format of a survey. This allows them to debrief their thoughts, reflect on their experience, and provide the rich details you may not have known you needed. When you invest your time and attention into your employees, they will value their relationship with your company and are more likely to stay awhile. 

Why Employee Feedback Matters

Who knows the ins and outs of your company better than your employees? They are the ones who spend the majority of time in the office, collaborating and interacting with your clients. Collectively, your employees have a major impact on the general operations and culture of your company, and if they aren’t happy, your workplace will suffer.

On the flip side, our extensive studies show that if the employees are heard and provided an environment that is conducive to their best working conditions, their productivity and employee engagement will increase by 25%. With this in mind, Relocation Strategies developed a proprietary Workplace Productivity Analysis Survey®. The survey includes input from all employees, questioning their productivity needs to get their jobs done in an efficient manner.

Testimonials from our clients have confirmed that this employee feedback survey will inevitably increase revenue if employees are happy and productive. At Relocation Strategies, we guide our clients toward more promising work environments based on their employee feedback. The equation is simple; Happy, Engaged Employees + Productive Employees = Increased Profit.

Our approach to increased workplace productivity engages employees directly, so an office relocation, renovation, or redesign must have a high level of “buy-in” and input from the staff in order to thrive. 

The Benefits of Employee Feedback

Constructive, honest feedback anonymously from employees is the best way to find out what’s working and what’s not. Once you have collected feedback, you can assess where effective changes should be implemented. 

A Comfortable Workspace

Everyone works in their own groove, and that’s something company leadership needs to acknowledge. While some may thrive in an open-concept office surrounded by lots of people, others need a quiet space to zone in on their work. Above all else, your employees value comfort and flexibility, so they can work around different schedules and those “life happens” moments that happen more often than we anticipate (sick children, car troubles, pet care, etc.). The solution to this is a hybrid work model. Our own workplace survey found that the majority of people want to have the flexibility of working from home while also coming into the office part of the week. This is a fair compromise for the 27% who favored working in the office and the 29% who preferred working from home. 

Additionally, reservable office spaces and sound masking areas are a great addition to offices that house bigger teams and departments. Having a designated space that you can reserve in advance takes the anxiety out of the unknown and your employees appreciate that. 

Increased Employee Retention 

Employee feedback that is gladly accepted by the employer will, in turn, increase overall job satisfaction and employee retention. The key is asking employees questions tied directly to the components of job satisfaction and productivity—like in our Workplace Productivity Analysis®. Then, you make the appropriate adjustments that align with their feedback to keep them satisfied and productive. When your employees are satisfied, they’ll want to stick around. It’s a win-win!

Relocation Strategies Has the Answers You Need

At Relocation Strategies, we know that successful plans need to incorporate employee feedback, especially in a post-pandemic workplace. Whether you need to relocate, renovate, or redesign your office, our work begins with our Workplace Productivity Analysis®. With over 30 years of experience helping businesses adapt, grow and thrive, we are more than happy to help you achieve your vision. 

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