IndyBar Highlight: Reimagined Workspace

IndyBar Relocation: Reimagined Workspace

Over 10 years ago, Relocation Strategies was called to assist IndyBar with a relocation to a new space. Our job was to “flip on a dime” and reuse all existing furniture. They were very pleased with our work, and we not only saved them money but helped them make their new space look great.

Recently, they needed our help with another relocation, which was quite different from the previous project. As you can see from the exiting photos, it was time for a refresh and new furniture. Julie Armstrong, the Executive Director of IndyBar, who has served for over 29 years, had a vision to be accessible to attorneys on the ground floor downtown so they can stop in between meetings and use their lobby for a place to collaborate and meet others. She envisioned an open area with plenty of seating, along with the ability for the room to be changed easily to allow for an all-open area for a gathering. The reception desk is even designed with wheels to roll out of the way, as well as, the social gathering place table.

Relocation Strategies designed and selected 90% of all the new furniture and obtained bids from trusted furniture dealers for the most competitive price. Then we worked with Julie to decommission the furniture left behind to be removed when their lease was completed. We also planned and bid the move to moving partners and oversaw the physical move to 101 W. Ohio Street.

As a result, the collaborative areas on the first floor are very inviting for people to stop by anytime and collaborate. The space will become even more relevant and important as large firms start to shrink office space due to more and more people working from home.

It was our pleasure to work with Julie Armstrong on this project, who we also assisted with her previous office. Having repeat clients is our pride and joy.



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