Indy Chamber Workplace Survey Results & Why They Matter to Your Business

Indy Chamber Workplace Survey Results & Why They Matter to Your Business

As the organization responsible for empowering businesses in Indianapolis, the Indy Chamber provides a wealth of resources and information that helps business owners and management make critical decisions about their business so they have the opportunity to succeed. That’s why I’ve been a proud member of the Indy Chamber Board of Directors for over 3 years and find it an incredibly valuable resource for current business trends that matter to my business.

At a recent board meeting, we discussed how leaders are managing bringing people safely back to work as well as the future of the workplace. Almost 90 people were surveyed in real-time and we were able to see the results live! As an expert on workplace change and reimaging workspaces, I am incredibly excited to share these findings with you and why they matter to your business:

1. 73% of those who surveyed said their current workplace is hybrid. 

The future of workspaces is hybrid, and this is consistent with our workplace findings and recommendations for 2021. Hybrid offers the opportunity for your employees to work in and out of the office as needed, which extends flexibility while also encouraging the needed in-person collaboration to be successful in your business.

My recommendation: Find a hybrid work environment that works for you and incorporate it into your handbook. Have a solid communication plan so that your staff knows what’s expected of them and when they are expected to be in the office.

2. 36% of Indy Chamber board members are reducing their footprint.

What does this mean exactly? This means that they are reducing their footprint by having smaller offices and less square footage. Less square footage results in lower power requirements, less people will be commuting to work, and more.

My recommendation: Reducing your square footage can be the right decision for your business, but be strategic about the space design and how that will be used by your staff. If you decrease your square footage too much, will it be used? Reach out if you’d like some help, and make sure your broker knows what kind of space you need to be successful.

3. 54% will alter their current workspace or already have.

While companies were unsure what to do with their office during COVID, many have quickly altered or are altering their workspace.

My recommendation: Hire an expert who can help you think through all of the strategic considerations of downsizing or reimaging your space. Relocation Strategies can help your organization with a Workplace Productivity AnalysisⓇ to help you design a space that’s engaging and effective. 

4. To maintain culture, Indy Chamber board members said they’d like staff to come into the office 3 or 4 times a week.

While a hybrid work environment is definitely the future of work, many business leaders still see the value in in-person collaboration and meetings. As someone who’s been in this industry for years, I absolutely agree.

My recommendation: Employees who are happy will be productive and engaged at work. Require employees to come in at least 2-3 times a week to maintain your culture and create engagement opportunities for your teams.

Whether you’re downsizing, still deciding what to do, or keeping your existing space, your workplace needs to be reimagined and we’ve been helping organizations do exactly that for over 30 years. Of our clients surveyed, after our Workplace Productivity AnalysisⓇ was administered, employee engagement rose by 25%. Let’s chat more about how we can help you reimagine your workspace.

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