Inventory Database Equipment Access

I.D.E.A.® is a proprietary application designed and owned by Relocation Strategies for the purpose of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Inventory and management. Artwork, Marker Boards, Audio Visual and many other miscellaneous items are applicable as well.

I.D.E.A.® is a customizable software to satisfy any project requirement. The design of the software captures photos, quantities, sizes, manufacturer and assigns a grade for the condition if suggested to reuse or not. Multiple Inventories can be recorded simultaneously and combined into one database for sorting purposes for disposition, barcoding and creating budgets for new furniture needed.

Data Collection

Provide a customized data sheet to gather workplace data; include taking inventory of existing furniture.

Analysis & Evaluation

Determine the best way to reconfigure, relocate and/or right size your office based on our findings.


The Solution

Develop a tailored strategy to implement the plan.

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