How Our Clients Saved $3.5 Million Using I.D.E.A.™

How Our Clients Saved $3.5 Million Using I.D.E.A.™

Do you know when companies need to relocate their workforce in their same buildings or to new ones, that furniture has two impacts: cost and productivity?  We provide solutions that increase employee productivity by 25% and reduce furniture expenses through our proprietary methods. We helped Citizens Energy, Duke Realty, the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Stanley Security, and Wilhelm Construction save (collectively) over $3.5 million in furniture costs and increase productivity outcomes using our proprietary I.D.E.A.™ software.

I.D.E.A.™ is a proprietary application designed and owned by Relocation Strategies for the purpose of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Inventory and management. It’s a customizable software designed to satisfy any project requirement. It captures photos, quantities, sizes, manufacturer, and assigns a grade for the condition if suggested to reuse or not. We add our credentialed expertise to design a formulaic furniture mix that optimizes our clients’ employee base to increase productivity, help retain top talent, and create real savings.

Learn more about Relocation Strategies with a call to explore I.D.E.A.™ software to see how we can help you save money during this time and how our solutions increase employee produtivity and engagement with our proprietary Workplace Productivity Analysis®.

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