Does Your Workplace make a “Wow” First Impression?

Does Your Workplace make a “Wow” First Impression

Impressions are crucial—in fact, studies have shown that people form up to 11 impressions in just seven seconds. That means potential clients, vendors, and new hires will develop an opinion of your organization after just a few seconds in your workspace. Making a positive impression is essential to retaining those valuable clients and partners.

Think about your first in-person job interview. When you entered the space, what were you thinking about? Besides calming your nerves and rehearsing answers to potential questions, you were also formulating an opinion of the workspace, whether you knew it or not. 

 When we first enter a space, it’s human nature to take in the layout, decor, and general atmosphere. After the interview, you were probably left with an impression of the workplace and the overall environment. This impression was perhaps a factor in deciding whether to accept the job. 

Because first impressions are so valuable in any workplace, it’s paramount to invest in those impressions. At Relocations Strategies, we’re experts in turning outdated offices into warm and thriving collaboration spaces, focusing on engagement and productivity. Want to know how your workplace can make a better impression? Follow our guide:

What are impressions and why are they important? 

“Impression” can mean several different things. Sometimes we talk about making impressions during online marketing campaigns, and other times we stress about making a good first impression on our new boss.  

When we talk about impressions at Relocation Strategies, we mean the feelings and perceptions people have when they first enter your workplace. What impression does your workspace make? 

What makes a stand-out workspace?

Before you start planning for a new workspace, you’ll need to consider what makes an effective workplace in your industry. 

Generally speaking, a productive and engaged workforce appreciates workplaces that allow for both working in teams and working solo. The most effective workplaces make it easy for employees to concentrate with a calm and relaxed atmosphere. A great example of this in action is Duke Realty’s office space and CleanSlate’s vaules wall. 

Our tips for making an excellent first impression 

When employees love their office, they want to be there. Their positive attitudes will result in increased engagement, productivity, and low levels of turnover. 

But before you can get employees into your office, you need to entice them. Here are some strategies for creating a lasting impression: 

  • Have a wow factor in your lobby: 11 impressions in 7 seconds. Creating an open and inviting space when someone first walks into your workplace is crucial. Adding art, lighting, and signage will help define your brand in those first 7 seconds.  
  • Add collaborative spaces: While working alone is perfect for some, others prefer to collaborate with their team members. Incorporate conference rooms or a general work area to facilitate easy collaboration. 
  • Rethink open concepts: Open-concept office spaces have become the norm, but our experience suggests that this layout isn’t always conducive to employee happiness and retention. We recommend minimizing open office spaces with low-wall panels. 
  • Offer amenities: Many people spend eight hours a day in the office. It only makes sense that the office should be comfortable for everyone. We suggest making certain amenities available to your staff, including coffee and snack bars, outdoor spaces and quiet rooms. 

Helping organizations reimagine their workplaces

Regardless of the industry you work in, one thing remains the same: offices should be designed with people and productivity in mind. Take a look at a recently reimagined workplace and change management plan at First Internet Bank. Clients, vendors, and new hires can make or break your organization, so making an excellent first impression with your workspace is imperative. 

If your current office space just isn’t cutting it, Relocation Strategies is here to help. We’ll work with you to reimagine your space into a flexible, engaging work environment for all your employees. Reach out to us today to get started on a Workplace Productivity Analysis® to evaluate your goals and identify areas of improvement.

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