Change Management Success Story: First Internet Bank

Change Management Success Story: First Internet Bank

Moving a house is no walk in the park and the same is true for moving offices. There are so many factors to consider and even the most seasoned business owner can end up with a stress migraine. 

It doesn’t have to be that way! We’ve worked with numerous businesses over the years, helping them renovate, relocate, reconfigure, or reimagine their workplaces. With any of these projects, change management is an incredibly important component to reduce employee stress as the workplace changes. We help handle every detail and contribute to your communication plan so employees know exactly what to expect with a manual and a placemat with every answer to all frequently asked questions including how to schedule a conference room, office etiquette, technology changes and where will be the nearest and best restaurants.

Recently, we helped our client First Internet Bank with a large-scale move to their new office in Fishers, Indiana. Here’s how we leveraged change management to make this project a success. 

Success Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Just like all good things in life, a successful transition takes time. Rushing the process will only compromise quality. First Internet Bank understood this principle and allocated over 12 months of intensive planning to ensure success. 

With Relocation Strategies at their side every step of the way, their 250 staff members made the switch to their new six-story office building. We approached the project with a “let’s do it right, not fast” mentality. The old fable we all learned as children still rings true—slow and steady really does win the race! 

Keeping Everyone in the Loop

The best way to create a hectic transition for your team is to keep them out of the loop. First Internet Bank took the opposite approach. Instead of doing everything behind a curtain, Relocation Strategies encourages clients to keep their team in the know.

We worked with First Internet Bank to educate their staff of all the changes that would affect them. After all, when your team members know exactly what to expect from the move, they won’t be stressed as the big day approaches. Before ever stepping foot in the new office, employees already knew the basic office protocols, security procedures and more. 

The Devil is in the Details

We all know that balls can get dropped if we’re not paying attention to the details. In addition to managing all of the elements of the move, we went the extra mile to make First Internet Bank employees comfortable. Here are just a few of the things we did:

  • Our team visited nearby retailers to gather deals and discounts for First Internet employees for when they came to the office, including restaurants, spas and more
  • We created placemats that were placed at every workstation and office with details on conference room booking, where they can call to get more information, changes in audio/visual and more
  • Met with every department head to ensure they knew what was happening and gathered feedback that was helpful for executing a successful transition

As a result, First Internet Bank employees knew what to expect and also could find additional information they needed right at their desk. They were thrilled! 

Make Change a Breeze

Some of us love change, while others would rather maintain the status quo. But the truth remains that change is necessary as we grow and improve. When change is on the horizon, you can always count on Relocation Strategies to help. Our team is knowledgeable in workplace change management, space planning, interior design and project management. Whether you’re relocating, renovating, or reconfiguring, considering partnering with us for a successful transition. Request a free consultation today.

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