The Average Employee Sits 7.7 Hours a Day

The Average Employee Sits 7.7 Hours a Day

Healthy employees are more productive and creative, and this equals an increase in profitability. According to World Green Building Council, the average employee sits 7.7 hours per day. Relocation Strategies gets moving together!
Running in the Rain: Exercise, Therapy and a Shower All at the Same Time
Saturday, September 19, Marcia Locke, Allison Rohrman and Hannah Siegel headed downtown to Monument Circle where the Indy Women’s Half Marathon was getting ready to start. Unfortunately, the weather was not our friend this year. 2.5 miles into our 13.1-mile race the rain began to pour down and didn’t stop.
Participants were then asked to stop and take cover. About 10 minutes later, we got word that the race was cancelled due to hazardous weather. So we cut our losses and ran back towards the finish line where we were greeted with our metals, a rose and plenty of food and drink! Although we didn’t get to finish the race, running in the rain with the other devoted runners made for quite an experience. It’s all about the story.
Being able to be a part of the energy surrounding this event with all the other amazing and empowering women was incredibly moving. The rain could have easily turned this into a nightmare of angry runners but instead what we witnessed were women and their families and friends playing in the rain, laughing and celebrating Mother Nature’s spirit! This event started in August of 2010 as Indy’s first women’s only half marathon. Since then, the event has grown to be one of the largest women’s running event in the state and the 23rd largest women’s marathon in the U.S. Both events were sold out this year, with over 2,000 women at the starting line!
So, how will you get your employees moving?

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