What Not To Do In a Corporate Move

What Not To Do In a Corporate Move

Ideally, you could consider the office your “home away from home.” While not everyone claims the office as “home base,” it is ultimately where we spend the majority of our time, working 40+ hours each week. The office should be a space that fosters professional growth while providing employees with comfort and familiarity. However, when you’re in the midst of an office relocation, it’s very common for chaos to prosper. 

We all know that time is money, but do you know exactly how much time a corporate move can take? Based on a 50-person office relocation, businesses spend an average of 225 hours on planning management alone. Instead of attempting to “do it all” internally, seriously consider hiring the experts. Here’s what not to do in a corporate move.

Overrun Your Budget and Costs

It is surprisingly common for people with no corporate relocation experience to attempt to manage their move alone. Think about it… would you hire and pay inexperienced movers? No. So why would you put the pressure on your own self and team to manage this change. 

Amateurs are prone to making costly mistakes, and it’s best to leave your move to the experts. At Relocation Strategies, our team can help you manage your budget effectively while keeping your best interests in mind—like staying on time and on schedule!

Leave the Packing as a Last-Minute Task

Packing up your entire office is stress-inducing, to say the least. Again, don’t leave the decision-making to your team; leave it to Relo! Relocation Strategies is well-versed in project management and can help you build out a master schedule. We coordinate with vendors and oversee the project to save you the time and stress it would take to tackle it alone.

A huge aspect of office relocations is how the business will be affected during this transition… more specifically, how will your employees react? If they are stressed about the uncertainty of the office, tools and resources they use on a daily basis, their quality of work will likely plummet. You may even be relocating to boost employee retention, but remember that keeping your employees at ease during the move will maintain productivity and engagement. Overcommunication is key during change management!

Buy All New Furniture Without a Plan for the Current Furniture

Nobody likes missed opportunities, so why order more stuff before assessing what you already have in your possession? More so, why order new furniture without asking your employees what their preferences are? 

Your employees’ feedback is extremely valuable in the relocation or re-design process. Instead of assuming what’s best for them, actually ask them for their feedback on how they work best and in what environment. At Relo, we leverage our Workplace Productivity Analysis® to help our clients increase engagement and productivity at their offices. 

Another option many companies find overwhelming is to assess what you already have. In most office space reconfigurations or moves, deciding what to do with furniture can give you analysis paralysis. That’s why Relo developed our proprietary  I.D.E.A.® software to inventory furniture and help identify what you need. By leveraging I.D.E.A.®, our clients have saved millions of dollars while moving, upsizing, or downsizing.

The bottom line? Not everyone is cut out for project management—especially as it relates to corporate moves. If you know this isn’t your strong suit, don’t try to tackle it alone. Hire Relocation Strategies for a well-executed project that is not only completed on time but meets your budget.

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