Sometimes the best impact to your workforce and their overall well-being is an update to your space. While your people define your culture, your space defines your people. Relocation Strategies can successfully renovate your space, bring your office up-to-date and meet the specific needs of each department. Whether your space is 50, 25, or 2 years old, there is always a timely change that could make the difference in retaining your staff and impressing your clients. When you engage Relocation Strategies, we will minimize disruption and loss of productivity during the renovation, by utilizing our proven best practices.

It is necessary for a business to improve efficiency over time. As a business grows and becomes more profitable, it may not have the same space requirements as it once did. One of the crucial steps to any transition is conducting an inventory of current furniture and other fixtures. We have a custom-developed, proprietary app that assists us to quickly provide a detailed inventory of each piece of office furniture and workstation component. This tool and our expertise results in maximizing the reuse of existing and sparing you from buying furniture unnecessarily.

Ice Miller Indianapolis Renovation

  • Renovate 25-year-old spaces
  • Minimize disruption, loss of productivity and income during renovation
  • Reduce tower space from nine floors to seven (163,000 sq. ft. to 129,000 sq. ft.)
  • Inventory furniture and other assets and assess condition
  • Track people and furniture carefully through every phase of the year-long project

Ice Miller Indianapolis

“We moved 500 people to and from swing space, two floors at a time, with all the moves accomplished over weekends. Without Relocation Strategies assistance, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this herculean task. Relocation Strategies managed move logistics outside movers and office layout configurations. They also completed an extensive inventory of our furniture and equipment. Their efforts and accomplishments on our behalf were, in a word – superb!”

Ice Miller’s Facilities Manager

A 50-person business renovation faces the same obstacles as a 500+ employee transition. The scale of the transition does not have as much effect on difficulty as it does on cost. A smaller 50-75 staff business sometimes calls us after they unsuccessfully tried to handle the renovation themselves. While we are ready to help at any stage of a renovation, having the professionals engaged from the beginning planning stages is less stressful and more cost efficient.

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