Reconfigurations are the most cost-efficient option for refreshing and transforming a work space. Existing furniture can be reused in different formats that will meet the needs of your staff. Using our Productivity Analysis®, a reconfiguration can be as simple as a furniture shuffle done over the weekend or a concentrated effort within a staff reorganization that takes place over the course of a few weeks. Relocation Strategies is ready to assist with your business transition.

IU Health regularly engages us to accommodate changing staff sizes and skillfully facilitate changing environments. We are helping IU Health keep healthcare costs low.


  • Keep costs low
  • Provide new space plans
  • Manage a  massive inventory
  • Coordinate between multiple sites & warehouses
  • Facilitate cohesiveness between multiple department needs

Local Healthcare Consortium

“Relocation Strategies is an integral part of our ongoing facilities planning efforts. Their ability to procure budget friendly furniture and maintain our existing inventory as one cohesive unit has been exceptional. They dedicate themselves to a complicated process of many different projects and execute each project with efficiency and accuracy. I know I can count on Relocation Strategies to keep cost low and end product quality high.”
– Lori Dunlap, Financial Operations
A change to your office environment doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes a full renovation involving months of construction isn’t feasible. That is where Relocation Strategies can become a great partner. We are ready to make the reconfiguration you need.

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