Post-Pandemic Office Planning Expert Provides Insight to IBJ

Our Post-Pandemic Office Planning Expert gives insight to IBJ

Is your office about to reopen or has already reopened? Did you know that 51% of knowledge industry corporations have not announced a return to work plan according to a national SHRM survey

Are you unsure how your office should look post-pandemic? Your workspace needs to be reimagined, and we conducted a survey about the changes employees want to see. Glean insights from our survey findings here. As offices are beginning to reopen and work-from-home mandates are lifting, companies need to know how their office space could change and what change looks like. Our CEO Melissa St. John, provides guidance to employers on how they can modify and update their workspaces to address employee safety in a recent IBJ article.

Melissa speaks on cubicle concerns, like “hoteling” (think: shared co-working spaces), as well as the challenges of future furniture arrangement. She also provides some ideas for best practices for keeping employees top of mind when considering a new design plan. While open concepts were the common practice pre-COVID, it’s more than likely they may become a thing of the past. So what will be the new Post-Pandemic office space trend? 

The IBJ interviewed a variety of business owners about how offices are prepping for when the workforce returns to the office. Click here to read the article on their site, or click below to view the article PDF.

Be sure to also check out this one minute quick video on a great safety measure for you space! 

How can we assist you during this time of change? We can guide you during this process and provide actionable strategies for designing your workspace so employees feel safe. Contact us today for a consultation.

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