10 Space Design Tips for a Safer Workplace

10 Space Design Tips for a Safer Workplace

As stay-at-home limitations continue to be lifted, something that is at the top of organizations’ minds is how to restructure their workplace so their employees will be safe.

Did you know that 51% of knowledge industry corporations have not announced a return to work plan according to a national SHRM survey? However, your workspace needs to be reimagined, and we conducted a survey about the changes employees want to see. Glean insights from our survey findings here.

Our CEO Melissa St. John recently hosted a webinar with NAWBO-Indianapolis chatting about how to make a few workspace adjustments to help during this time. Here are her top tips for what you can do NOW to make a difference:

  1. Communicate your post-global-pandemic plan to your team before they return to work!
  2. Evaluate your current workspace to ensure six feet of physical distancing. This means that cubes may need to be rotated or removed. 
  3. Add stackers to existing low panels to have a minimum height of 50 inches (from floor to the top of the panel) for seated privacy.
  4. Stagger staff to come in on alternating days to lower the density. 
  5. Tape floor for isle ways to ensure traffic pattern all goes the same way. 
  6. Tape off every other seat or remove them in conference rooms and break rooms to limit seating.
  7. Place signs outside elevators/stairwells/restrooms to limit the number of staff.
  8. Designate a staff person to clean common surfaces daily.
  9. Remove soft seating such as sofas and or put tape over them to discourage use.
  10. Wear a mask if not in workspace.

Melissa also provided further guidance to employers on how they can change their workspace to address employee safety in last week’s IBJ. The IBJ interviewed a variety of business owners about how offices are prepping for when workers return to work. Click here to read the article on their site, or click below to view the article PDF.

How can we assist you during this time of change? We can guide you during this process and provide actionable strategies for designing your workspace so employees feel safe. Contact us today for a consultation.

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