Why Sticking to Core Values is More Important Than Ever

Why Sticking to Core Values is More Important Than Ever

An organization’s core values shouldn’t just live on a company’s website or be touted in marketing materials. An organization needs to live and breathe their values, especially during uncertain times.

Core values should dictate the behavior of everyone at the company from the top down. Their identified values should be reflected in their actions, communications, and their approach to goods and services.

I established these core values for Relocation Strategies (Relo) more than 13 years ago when I purchased the business in November of 2007—the first day of the Great Recession. We stood by them through those hard times, and we stand by them now.

Family Comes First

Family always comes first. We understand and respect that family member needs may arise during set working hours. We also offer flex time for any weekend hours worked to complete moves. It is so appreciated when team members sacrifice their weekend time to work a move, so they are free to take time off another day to spend time with their family.


Relo management and staff treat colleagues, clients, and vendors with the highest level of respect at all times.


The Relo team provides the utmost level of service with kindness and professionalism toward each client and all vendor partners. Outside of that service, we will always dedicate time, talent, and treasure to charity and our communities.


Passion builds enthusiasm—enthusiasm builds customer service internally and externally. The Relo team conducts business every day with passion.  We look to other companies who are driven by passion as benchmarks to continuously learn and grow.


Innovation not only drives success, it can address changing trends and needs of our clients.

We embrace ideas, thoughts, and suggestions that may build and grow our services to be efficient and valuable. As a whole, Relo continuously learns from any mistakes so we can enhance our clients’ experience.


Life is too short to not work hard and play hard! The Relo team incorporates fun into our daily work and office meetings, as well as, with clients and vendors.

Especially during this difficult time in our lives, it’s crucial that we stick to our values so that we can continue to serve our clients and look to a brighter future. So, live out your core values as an organization and as a person working their way through this challenging time.

God bless everyone and stay safe.

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