• Melissa St. John
  • 05/15/24

From Data to Decision: Leveraging Employee Surveys for Workplace Optimization

As they say, “the pendulum always swings back,” which appears to be the case with working onsite versus working from home.

The Right Chair Can Change Your Health

Workplace wellness is all the rage right now.

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Top 4 Commercial Interior Design Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

If your workspace is dated and not productive, it’s probably time for a refresh. Contrary to popular belief, change can be a great thing and has the power to completely shift the attitudes of those in your space. Whether you’re preparing for relocation, expanding your operations or simply craving some change to break up the Read More Read More

The Basics of Color Theory & How to Apply It In Your Workspace

Let’s face it… the world would feel pretty bland without color. Whether we’re conscious of it or not, colors can impact or change our moods and productivity levels—through color theory, color placement, and color harmony.  The intention behind the use of color in design is extremely important to those who will be entering or occupying Read More Read More

Why Environmental Factors Matter in Workplace Design 

We’ve all heard it before… “reduce, reuse, recycle,” but how exactly does that translate to your office space planning? Well, the biggest component of space planning is knowing what exactly you’re going to fill the space with furniture.  Before working on new interior design plans, consider which pieces of furniture you can reuse that you Read More Read More

How to Implement Reservable Offices in Your Workplace

Hybrid work schedules are here to stay. You may no longer have a need for lots of square footage, but you probably still have some employees coming into the office on a regular basis. Many business owners and leaders are wanting to maximize how they leverage their square footage, providing everyone who is coming in Read More Read More

How to Adapt Your Workplace in the New Year

The start of the New Year always brings a sense of excitement and renewal, but it also brings big change. With change, it’s important to set goals and also be more intentional. If you’re looking to increase productivity and engagement in your organization this year, make sure one of your New Year’s resolutions is to Read More Read More

6 Things Your Workplace is Missing

As you plan for a return to the office, make sure your workplace isn’t missing these six things.

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How to Reimagine Your Law Firm Workspace

Legal professionals appear to be returning to the office at a higher rate than others, according to the January 2022 edition of Legal Management, a magazine produced by the Association of Legal Administrators. This publication claims that law firms reported an occupancy rate of 56% in August 2021, compared with only 34% of other companies.  Read More Read More

Does Your Workplace make a “Wow” First Impression?

Impressions are crucial—in fact, studies have shown that people form up to 11 impressions in just seven seconds. That means potential clients, vendors, and new hires will develop an opinion of your organization after just a few seconds in your workspace. Making a positive impression is essential to retaining those valuable clients and partners. Think Read More Read More

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