Beginning With One Can

The end of summer doesn’t always have to be sad, especially in Indy! The Indiana State Fair is two weeks of fried foods, rides and events. This year, Hannah Siegel volunteered with the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) as they hosted the annual Indiana Canstruction® at the Indiana State Fair August 7 through August 14. Canstruction® is a unique charity that hosts competitions, exhibitions and events where teams of architects, engineers, and construction firms build giant structures made entirely out of canned food. These events are held all over the world including, North America, Australia, South America, Europe, and Asia. Since they started in 1992 they have helped raise close to 30 millions pounds of food! In Indiana, after the winners are selected, the cans are donated to Gleaners Foodbank.
This year the build theme was farming- no surprise there! Fair goers saw many amazing structures including Frank the Tank from the movie Cars, Charolette’s Web, complete with a can spider that moved up and down from an automated fixture, and of course, Minions™ (Farminions, in this case)! Contestants were given 12 hours to complete their structures and voting lasted 7 days.This year’s winners were:
Interdesign Architects and CE Solutions won the Structural Ingenuity award for their Veggie Tales and FFA structure.
Life Structures and Hunt Construction Group won the Best Meal award for their Frank the Tank structure.
Arc Design and Charles C. Brandt Construction Company won the Best Use of Labels award and the Peoples Choice award for their American Gothic Minions structure.
Schmidt Associates and FA Wilhelm won the Jurors Favorite award for their Farmer See N Say Toy structure.
Kroger won the Most Cans award for their Mr. Potato Head structure.
One Can® make a difference.

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